On the 3rd Friday of each month Timpson Food for Thought hosts their food pantry distribution. At 8am clients are allowed to begin signing up on the first come first serve arrival list. The volunteers arrive at First Baptist Church and open the doors around 9:00 am.  Tables are set up and chairs are arranged to accommodate between 75 - 120 people that usually begin entering the Family Life Center around 9:35 am.  Pantry and Senior Grocery/Box Program are organized as a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED program.  We encourage everyone to come by 11:00 am if possible.  Once people begin entering the building they are required to sign in at the table(s) for their program. New participants are given PANTRY applications (everyone can apply for Pantry). If a new participant is also over 60 and has qualifying paperwork (ID and proof of eligibility*) then he or she is also provided with an application for Senior Box/Grocery. Participants that have already enrolled and received food in a prior month do not have to bring any paperwork until REQUALIFICATION is required. 

On the morning of the pantry, volunteers help with carrying out and loading boxes for anyone that needs assistance. We encourage participants to bring their own bags or small cart. 

Each month the pantry gives out  Produce, Meat/Proteins, Canned Vegetables, Soups or Canned Foods, Bread, Snacks or Desserts, Juices and Breakfast Items.

Timpson Food for Thought is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible. To find out how to donate or volunteer contact me at 936-254-3268

Thank you,

Debra Smith

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